How is my order handled?

When we receive the order:
  • - you are normally contacted within 24 hours per email (or a day later in case the order is placed on the Sunday or Bank holiday)
  • - you get a summary of the articles that you have ordered, with the correct price, in stock or not, and the correct shipping costs
  • #NAME?
  • the ordered articles will be reserved for two weeks
Can I still cancel my order?
  • - sure! You can cancel the complete order or, if an article is not in stock and the delivery time is not acceptable for you, you can take that specific article off your order
  • in this case you'll receive a new summary with possible adjusted shipping costs
What happens after I have paid?
  • - as soon as we have received your payment into our account, we will send you an email acknowledging your payment and your order is sent out immediately
  • - deliveries to Belgium are sent by priority mail so should arrive within 2 working days of sending (unless stated otherwise)
  • - deliveries to the Netherlands usually arrive within 2-4 working days, deliveries to European countries arrive in 4-7 workdays, outside Europe: 5-14 workdays
Article not in stock: Delivery time?
  • - if an ordered article is not in stock, we can order it for you
  • - you'll get the precise delivery times. This can be a few days. But sometimes also two weeks or even a month. Usually, we give you an exact date on which we expect to receive the article.
  • - this may seem long but avoids disappointments and you can count on it that we receive the article on the stipulated date except if the editor or supplier is out of stock, reprint,...
How are the articles sent?
  • - we invest in good, solid covers. These covers are made of solid cardboard and of an excellent quality. Nothing is indestructible of course, but if the Mail service treats the delivery in the normal, elegant way, you'll receive your book in excellent condition
I have placed an order, I have received a confirmation of my payment but my order has not arrived
  • - when we have received your payment, you'll receive a message so that you have an idea of when your delivery will arrive.
  • If you do not receive your delivery after a certain time, do not hesitate you contact us per email , by phone (0456 22 36 93 - Belgium / +32 (0)456 22 36 93 - the Netherlands and other countries)
  • - there is always an explanation, we send thousands of parcels worldwide every year and so far nothing has got lost yet. If it happens that a delivery is delayed, the most common reasons are: The delivery has been returned to the local post office because
  • Please note: complaints about a shipment not delivered must be reported within 14 days (after we have informed you that the shipment has departed).