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Easier Works For Piano

€ 25.90 Ref: 88602 Commander
    ISBN: 979-000306902-9
    EAN: 9790003069029
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Piano solo, intermediate level.
Titles are:
March Children's Notebook Op.69
Waltz Children's Notebook Op.69
The Bear Children's Notebook Op.69
Funny Story Children's Notebook Op.69
Sad Story Children's Notebook Op.69
Mechanical Doll Children's Notebook Op.69
Birthday Children's Notebook Op.69
Minuet Three Pieces
Prelude Three Pieces
Intermezzo Three Pieces
Song Of The Counterplan From the film 'Counterplan'
Lyrical Waltz From Ballet Suite No.3 Gavotte From Ballet Suite No.3
Romance From Ballet Suite No.1
Waltz - A Rememberance From the film 'Tale About The Priest And His Worker, Blockhead'
Dance From Ballet Suite No.1
Waltz Scherzo From Ballet Suite No.1
Polka From Ballet Suite No.1
Waltz of the Flowers From the Operetta 'Moscow-Cheryomushki'
Elegy From Ballet Suite No.3
Springtime Waltz From the film 'Michurin'
Contredanse From the film 'The Gadfly'
Spanish Dance From the film 'The Gadfly'
Nocturne From the film 'The Gadfly'
Barrel-Organ Waltz From the film 'The Gadfly'
Sentimental Waltz
Waltz Song From the Operetta 'Moscow-Cheryomushki'
Melancholy Ditty From the Operetta 'Moscow-Cheryomushki'
Galop From Ballet Suite No.1
Adagio From Ballet Suite No.2.

€ 25.90 Ref: 88602 Commander