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O Beautiful Day (Album)

€ 15.00 Ref: 97813 Commander
    ISBN: 979-036507053-4
    EAN: 9790365070534
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Piano solo.
Christa Steenhuyse-Vandevelde has been teaching for over 30 years with unbridled enthusiasm and unparalleled creativity. Throughout her career she inspired more than a thousand students piano, which she brought into contact with masters from the past and the present. From Mozart to Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt to Lodewijk Mortelmans, François Glorieux and Dirk Brossé.
Christa’s own compositions have a high romantic style with a flowing melody and a beautiful harmonic accompaniment. In this solo album, she has brought together 10 of her most inspiring songs. Different moods, expressions, thoughts and observations from daily life find their way in gorgeous themes, melodies and harmonies.

€ 15.00 Ref: 97813 Commander