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'Ike Ia Ladana (Queen's Jubilee) - 

"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 1 KV 6-9 - 

"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 2 K. 10-15 - 

"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 3 K. 16-31 - 

... Couple Égyptienne en Route Vers l'Inconnu... - 

A Bach Book for Harriet Cohen - 

A Century of Piano Music (Grades 1-4) - 

A Century of Piano Music: Grades 1-4 - 

A Chinese Festival  - 

A Classical-Style Service - 

A Clockwork Orange Theme (Beethoviana) - 

A Creative Approach to Jazz Piano Harmony - 

A Dance to the Music of Time - 

A Dozen A Day All Year Round - 

A Dozen A Day Book Four: Lower Higher -