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Barber Shop Memories 2 - TTBB A Cappella

€ 11.10 Ref: 103715 Bestellen
    ISBN: 978-0-7692-4389-4
    EAN: 9780769243894
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TTBB A Cappellla.

Titles are:
Around the Corner
Do You Ever Think of Me
Everything Peaches Ga..
Feather Your Nest
Good Night Sweetheart
Horses Horses Horses
I Know What It Means To
I Never Knew I Could
I Wish I Had a Girl
I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
In the Old Town Hall
It's a Great Day for the Irish
Linger Awhile
O Katharina
Once in a While
Peg o' My Heart
Peggy O'Neil
Seems Like Old Times
Song of Old Hawaii
Sweet Cider Time
Swingin Down Th Crawf Os
The West a Nest and You
Toot Toot Tootsie (Goo'bye).

€ 11.10 Ref: 103715 Bestellen