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Songs Of Calm

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    ISBN: 979-020427009-5
    EAN: 9790204270095
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9 Pieces for solo guitar & 1 duet. Intermediate level.

Maria Linnemann was born in Amsterdam in 1947 and grew up in England. She attended the Royal Academy of Music in London, studying conducting, piano and violin. Later, inspired by the guitarist, viola player and painter, Martin Nicolai, she turned to the guitar. Since 1971 she has lived and worked in Germany as a musician, composer and pedagogue. She has travelled through many countries and lived and worked in China for five years. Many of her compositions, numbering around 500 to date, were written on these journeys, and include works for solo guitar, guitar duets and trios, songs and chamber music. Maria Linnemann’s music is loved and much played all over the world.

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