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Home Concert (Revised) Piano Part

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    ISBN: 978-0-87487-307-8
    EAN: 9780874873078
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Piano accompaniment for the Home Concert violin book. There are many nice pieces selected by Dr. Suzuki in this book, most of them written for two violins. These pieces can be enjoyed by anybody who is above Volume 3. They can be used for sight-reading, or brothers and sisters or friends can get together and play these pieces for fun. They are wonderful for group recital performances, too.

Part I Contents are:
Allegro (W.A. Mozart)
Aria in D (W.A. Mozart)
Aria in F (W.A. Mozart)
Can You Count the Stars (Folk Song)
Coburger March (German)
Cradle Song (W.A. Mozart)
Down in the Lowlands (Folk Song)
Drinking Song (Folk Song)
For He's a Jolly Good Follow (Folk Song)
Get Up, Merry Swiss Boy (Folk Song)
March (W.A. Mozart)
Minuet (L. van Beethoven)
Minuet (W.A. Mozart)
Minuet for Three Violins (W.A. Mozart).
Pastorale (G.F. Handel)
Poor Orphan Child (R. Schumann)
Sleep, Darling Son (C.M. von Weber)
Slowly Ever Onward (Folk Song)
Torgauer March (German).

Part II Contents are:
Aria in G (W.A. Mozart)
Two Polonaises (W.A. Mozart)
Tyrolean Song (Folk Song)
Within a Shady Valley (Folk Song) .

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