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Goddess Trilogy: 1: Castle of Arianrhod

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Horn in F with Piano, Arianrhod is one of the three aspects of the Golden Godness Of Celtic Mythology, together with Blodeuwedd, the flower maiden and love goddess, and Cerridwen, the death goddess, Arianrhod, whose name has been translated as "She who turns the Siver Wheel of Heaven", is the goddess of birth and initiation; the Castle of Arianrhod (otherwise the Corona Borealis, or "Crown of the Noth Wind" constellation) is the place where the mighty dead- chieftains- go after death to await reincarnation. The work is based, technically, on the idea of the decay of a musical sound and its rebirth in another form. This concept governs the formal flow of music, and also the particular kind of variation technique employed in it.

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€ 12.50 Ref: 4634 Bestellen