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Two at the Piano

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One Piano two hands. 50 duets for the young pianist to play with a teacher or more advanced player, titles are: Two at the piano, Climbing up, Come and play with me, Mother’s day, Sunshine, Little John, If I were a shepherd, A sad memory, Country revels, Never give up, Folksong, In the sulks, Springtime, In a happy mood, The showman, In the garden, Waltz, Greetings, Happy and sad, Carefree, The lively rascal, O to be home again, Gossip, At the blacksmith, With abandon, Speech is silver-silence is gold, Waltz, The skylark, The little horseman, A song is good company, Andante from Haydn’s symphony No.94, Thoughts from the past, By the stream, In a gondola, The two folksingers, Full of fun, To my brother, A short story, Evening song, High spirits, In joy and in sorrow, Saying goodbye, Mazurka, Let’s have a party,Coming home, Flirting, The huntsmen, The little drummer, Bubbling over, Song of the mermaid from Weber’s Oberon.

€ 11.90 Ref: 5091 Bestellen