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Female Composers: 14 Pieces for Cello and Piano

€ 35.00 Ref: 5500 Bestellen
    ISBN: 979-000111596-4
    EAN: 9790001115964
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Cello and piano, intermediate level, the fourth volume in this series of female composers is dedicated to works of the 19th and 20th century. The pieces by Violetta Dinescu, Caroline Ansink, Myriam Marbe and Lucie Robert-Diessel have been composed specially for this anthology.
Titles are:
M. Wieck: Fantasy on Skandinavian Folksongs
L.A. le Beau: Romance, Op. 24/1
C. Faisst: Melody after an old Ballad
J. Senffter: Three pieces Op. 25
L. Vellére: Nocturne
V. Shlonsky: Dialogue
M. Marbe: Prphet and Bird
B. Heller: Lalai
L. Robert-Diessel: Lamento
E. Firsova: Album leaf
V. Dinescu: Flesh across
C. Ansink: Water under the bridge.

€ 35.00 Ref: 5500 Bestellen