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Two-Part Inventions

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    ISBN: 979-005006096-3
    EAN: 9790050060963
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Two Euphoniums (BC and TC) and piano. This work captures all the trademarks of Sparke’s wonderful writing:  lyrical, soaring melodies; listenable harmonies; excellent rhythmic drive; virtuoso technique; and a touch of panache.  The solo parts have a consistently high tessitura in the opening melodic section.  The weaving of the duet lines showcases the singing quality of the euphonium.  The fast section delivers great interplay between the lines as it moves through various harmonies.  The coda section features alternating triplet patterns between the soloists.  It is great fun to practice and perform but will certainly pose some technical challenges.  There are some rapidly double tongued figures.  This is one of the most challenging and enjoyable duets in repertoire. 

This book contains next separated parts:
1st euphonium (BC)
1st Bb euphonium (TC)
2nd euphonium (BC)
2nd Bb euphonium (TC)
Piano accompaniment.

€ 20.90 Ref: 72925 Bestellen