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Pieces for Children

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    ISBN: 978-0-7390-2001-2
    EAN: 9780739020012
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Piano. Easy level.
Selected from the two volumes of Bartoks For Children, these 42 works were written without octaves to fit the hands of younger players. Each piece has a descriptive title, with half including the words "song" or "dance". Like much of the composer's writing, the pieces directly reflect the use of folk idioms.

1 A Game
2 A Joke
3 A Magic Game
4 A Strange Tale
5 Ballad
6 Come with Me
7 Country Dance
8 Drinking Song
9 Enchanted Dance
10 Festive Dance
11 Festive Dance
12 Folk Dance
13 Folk Dance
14 Folk Dance
15 Folk Song
16 Folk Song
17 Folk Song
18 Grasshopper's Wedding
19 Handkerchief Dance
20 Hungarian Song
21 Hymn
22 Love Poem
23 Love Song
24 My Street
25 Night Song
26 Old Soldiers' Song
27 Playtime
28 Poem
29 Rainy Weather
30 Sailor's Dance
31 Sewing Song
32 Spinning Song
33 Springtime
34 The Poor Lad
35 The Village Maidens
36 Walk Around My Garden
37 Walking Song
38 Wedding Dance
39 Where Have You Gone?
40 White Lilies
41 Who Will Mend My Boots?
42 Winter's Song

€ 11.95 Ref: 8990 Bestellen