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Accentuate The Positive

€ 41.90 Ref: 91310 Bestellen
    ISBN: 979-067310151-7
    EAN: 9790673101517
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Score and parts. Swing. Duration 3:35 min. Medium level.

Trumpets 1-4 D6, B5, B5, F#5
Trombones 1-4 Bb4, G4, E4, E4
Vocal key C   Female vocal C3 - C5 (2 octaves as sung)

Transcribed from her Harold Arlen songbook album, this stunning Ella Fitzgerald chart was originally arranged by the late, great Billy May and is an absolute classic. We have simplified the sax lines behind the opening verse to remove the instrument doubles, whilst retaining the flavour of the original concept, and made a small Trumpet voicing change in the second measure of the chart. Aside from this, the arrangement is as per the original. Ella's vocal line is written out "as sung", though your vocalist is free to interpret it in her own style. Aside from the written two measure Piano fill in the verse there are no solos, as it is an out-and-out vocal feature. Lead Alto is required to double Clarinet for the 16 measure instrumental section in the middle of the chart, but a Soprano can also be used here instead. The vocal key is C thoughout.

€ 41.90 Ref: 91310 Bestellen