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Piano Album

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    ISBN: 979-000418580-3
    EAN: 9790004185803
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Piano Solo, a repertoire collection of two-and four-handed pieces. Very easy to easy intermediate level. 71 pages. Language: German/ English
The piano album contains a wide range of pieces from this rich fund which is extended by various musically and technically interesting pieces from the tried-and-true repertoire of music for beginners. This colorful assortment of easiest to easier piano music is an excellent addition to any piano tutor in use. It introduces the young pianist to different periods and styles as well as to all kinds of compositional techniques, thereby enabling him to acquire basic playing movements and to discover the piano’s wide sound possibilities. Many of the little compositions are also suitable models for improvisation.

Titles are:
The Top (Kerstin Strecke)
Mocking Song (Kerstin Strecke)
The Little Keyboard Man (Kerstin Strecke)
What Now? (Kerstin Strecke)
Step by Step (Kerstin Strecke)
My Goose (Kerstin Strecke)
The Nimble Mouse (Kerstin Strecke)
Legato and Staccato (Kerstin Strecke)
The Echo (Kerstin Strecke)
Fire Truck and Police (Kerstin Strecke)
Swinging in the Garden (Kerstin Strecke)
Hop, Little Rabbit! (Kerstin Strecke)
Frog and Cuckoo (Kerstin Strecke)
The Big Bells (Kerstin Strecke)
Thumb Dance (Kerstin Strecke)
The Little Know-It-All (Kerstin Strecke)
Raindrops (Kerstin Strecke)
Rocking Horse (Kerstin Strecke)
The Old Wall Clock (Kerstin Strecke)
A Little Dreamer (Kerstin Strecke)
Ball Playing (Kerstin Strecke)
There Has Been a Ball a-Falling
Jingle Bells
The Musical Box
Hammering Nails (Karin Daxböck)
Balloon Trip (Karin Daxböck)
Pinocchio (Karin Daxböck)
Rocking Chair (Karin Daxböck)
My Little Pony (Karin Daxböck)
Little Green Pond (Karin Daxböck)
Gallop (Karin Daxböck)
The Water Tap is Dripping (Karin Daxböck)
Clouds (Karin Daxböck)
Another Frog (Karin Daxböck)
Chameleon (Karin Daxböck)
Chase (Karin Daxböck)
Boogie (Karin Daxböck)
Andante (Béla Bartók)
Andantino op. 198/5 (Ludvig Schytte)
Pony Ride (Cornelius Gurlitt )
Chanson du vagabond (Béla Bartók)
Carefree Jack (Daniel Gottlob Türk)
Echo in the Castle(Daniel Gottlob Türk)
Little Piece (Uso Seifert )
Musette (Louis Daquin)
Song without Words (Franz Spindler)
Allegro scherzando op. 100/2 (Friedrich Burgmüller )
Vivace (Cornelius Gurlitt )
Minuet BWV Anh. 114 (Christian Petzold)
Hello, Mister MINI (Manfred Schmitz)
The Next, Please (Manfred Schmitz)
Doubles (Manfred Schmitz)
Dialogue (Manfred Schmitz)
Waltz Time (Manfred Schmitz)
Idée fixe(Manfred Schmitz)
The Old Cuckoo-Clock (Nina M. Batschinskaja)
Minuet KV 1 (Mozart)
Allegro KV 3 (Mozart )
Musette BWV Anh. 126 (J.S. Bach)
Marche BWV Anh. 122 (C.P.E. Bach)
Minuet KV 5 (Mozart)
Poco allegretto (Béla Bartók
Etude op. 139/19 (Carl Czerny)
Etude op. 139/98 (Carl Czerny )
Allegro (Béla Bartók)
Prelude arpeggiato J(ohann K. F. Fischer )
Night Journey (Cornelius Gurlitt
Humming Song (from op. 68) (Robert Schumann)
Soldier’s March (from op. 68) (Robert Schumann)
Melody (from op. 68) (Robert Schumann)
Theme with Variation (from op. 228) (C.Gurlitt)
Fanfare Minuet (William Duncomb)

Four-handed Pieces:
Good-Morning Song (Kerstin Strecke)
Breeze of Spring (Kerstin Strecke)
Out on the Water at Night (Kerstin Strecke)
A Small Reverie (Kerstin Strecke)
Fun (Kerstin Strecke)
Loch Lomond
Pål sine høner på haugen ut sleppte
Széna, széna, széna terem a réten.

€ 19.90 Ref: 91833 Bestellen