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New Orleans Trumpet

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    ISBN: 978-0-9976617-1-2
    EAN: 9780997661712
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A Down-Home Conservatory Method.
This book offers an insider’s view of what you need to know about playing New Orleans-style trumpet. Along with details about living the good life in the Crescent City, this book presents often-elusive music theory concepts in an easy-to-understand, enjoyable manner.

This method:
- Provides a personal explanation of all the building blocks necessary to play New Orleans-style jazz trumpet.
- Does not contain page-after-page of technical exercises; rather, it teaches how music works, so you can create your own!
- Provides correct chord charts for essential trad jazz songs, to be used in conjunction with the iReal Pro play-along app.
- Gives a local’s perspective on the Big Easy’s history, culture, food, and customs and how these all relate to jazz.
- 110 pages!

€ 31.95 Ref: 97175 Bestellen